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Imperial Terrain

Syllogy's Imperial Front Lines Bundle - Digital STL Files

Syllogy's Imperial Front Lines Bundle - Digital STL Files

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Syllogy returns with his 2nd large set of files, the Imperial Front Lines. This bundle is designed around endless configuration options. The base premise is to reinforce fighting emplacements on an octagonal base. This core base file has multiple variants and openings that connect or link through linking pieces/walkways to other reinforced fighting positions or raised platforms. The forcefield gate and tower pieces are also included.

The famous XX-10 Tower from Thingiverse returns except it is re-designed from the ground up allowing for the turret to swivel and guns to elevate.

The bundle includes:

  • Gate and Wall Sections (12 Files)
  • Ramp and Link Sections (4 Files)
  • XX11 Blaster Turret (11 Files)
  • Platform Section (5 Files)
    • With Separate Dice Tower Configuration


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing work

These files all look great and I’m excited to put them on the board. I agree with the other reviewer that stairs to the top could be good, but I’m probably just going to houserule and elevator inside the towers.

Nice design, easy to print but incomplete

I like the design and most of the layout possibilities. For me something is missing...stairs to reach the top walkway ....

Amazing bundle

The prints look amazing. This is a modular set that can be set up in multiple configurations. They looks good on the table and well designed. They scale perfectly if you need them larger or smaller. Fantastic job. Highest recommendation.

Hite Sinclair
This is a Great Set

I will keep this simple. I love this set of terrain. It looks beautiful. It prints great (even on my cheap printer). All of the parts fit. Well worth the money. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Austin Catling
Very customizable

Thanks for this awesome design. I am using it to make a two level board, and will hopefully be combining it with some ruined urban buildings. The pieces print great - my only concern is the forcefield - do you guys have a recommendation as far as materials for that go?