Imperial Terrain

Deep Space Mining System
Digital STL Files


The Deep Space Mining system is a our first set of files in a new partnership with The Exotic Greeble. The set allows you to up your greeble game and populate your boards with some awesome pieces that add great variety.

Includes all the pieces seen in the rendering allowing you to mix and match combinations of Storage Spheres.

200 x 200 Print Bed Compatible.

      Dave recommends printing at .15 or below on FDM to get the true detail modeled into these files.


      Disclaimer: Purchase of Digital Files are final and not returnable or refundable. Print times and filament usage will vary based on, but not limited to, individual printers, settings, tuning and/or environmental conditions.

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      • What are the dimensions of the tank base?

        4 x 4in length and width, Height is 2 3/4in

      • I recently had this printed at my local library, they have a MakerBot Replicator and I had them print the stacked sphere components at .15 as recommended. The main spheres, discs, peg, and cap came out fine. However, the side supports really came out rough and in my careful attempt to trim the plastic crud that's all over them, they easily break. I have never done a 3D print before and was wondering, is this expected or did my library do a poor job printing those side supports?

        I would have the side supports printed at a smaller resolution, .1 and printed slowly first to see if their printer is tuned in and can handle the small detailed pieces.