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Imperial Terrain

Marin City Set - Digital STL Files

Marin City Set - Digital STL Files

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Architecture across time and space has been inspired by many different things. Our Marin City Set was a team effort from Imperial Terrain, focused on bringing something new and unique to our offering of 32mm scale wargaming terrain for you to print at home. This set includes 3 unique buildings with multiple configuration options to get maximum re-usability. 


  • Jaf's Retreat
  • Aristocrat's Home
  • Marin City Archway
  • Fountain and Benches


Change Log
  • V1.0 - Launch Files


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing quality and great price

All the files I have printed so far have been great. Nice quality and very little need to support on a Bambu Labs A1 FDM printer.

I kind of wish the Aristocrat's house also had an additional square layout to build a few rectangular appartments.

The arch walled sections are nice but when lined up with the buildings they intersect the windows. It would be an odd construction feature in the real world. But these really are minor nitpicks.

Overal, I am very pleased with this purchase. It is a very unique and well made product. Thank you!

Marin city

Great files to print. Love the levels of the buildings and they way they stack together.

the Svangel
Awesome terrain

This set is absolutely awesome. Prints perfect on my Anycubic mega zero 2.0, dimensions are perfect for Wargames from a galaxy far far away in 30mm. I can absolutely recommend it!

Mister Vimes
Pure art

This set is gorgeous. The prints are clean, everything connects together beautifully, and they look amazing when painted. Another great purchase.

Great terrain

Very happy with these files all most done printing it all for a naboo style board. Thanks