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Modular Landing Bay Plus
Digital STL Files

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This bundle includes the Modular Landing Bay Core set of files as well as the Expansion set, and Garage set of files. All pieces of the Landing Bay set come with holes designed for 8mm x 3mm magnets to connect the pieces.

Currently included:

  • Modular Landing Bay Core (8 Pieces + Inspectors Office)
  • Modular Landing Bay Expansion
    • Landing Bay Corners V2 (4 Files)
    • Landing Bay Wall Endcaps V2 (4 Files)
    • Landing Bay Market Stall
  • Garage Expansion for the Landing Bay
    • Garage Corner Piece w/ Sliding Doors and Roof Barriers
    • Landing Bay Corner Variant
    • Landing Bay Short Wall Variants
    • Landing Bay Wall Ramps
    • Short Ladder
  • Corner Desert Tower Beta
    Change Log
    • V1.1 - Added Blown Up Wall Beta Section
    • V1.0 - Launch Files

    • .20 or .24 Layer Height
    • 2 Perimeters
    • 5-10% Infill
    • No Supports or Rafts needed

    All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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    • Hello. I've purchased the landing bay plus, and I'm really liking it so far. My only issue is with expansion set 1 piece 1 and the corresponding door. The door is too small to fit in the slot for the wall piece. Do you have any recommendations on how to remedy this? Thanks, Aaron

      The correct file has been replaced in the file set. Check for a file called "Standard Doors".

    • I purchased the landing bay plus STLs, and have a quick question. Everything looks great- I've been printing them up for my Legion game. But I can't find the wall with the exploded portion and the ladder pictured in the bottom right corner of the main image. Is that included in the set? If so, what file is it under. I believe I've looked at every file in the download. Thanks!

      We added that today, its now downloadable!

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