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Imperial Terrain

Modular Landing Bay Core - Digital STL Files

Modular Landing Bay Core - Digital STL Files

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This bundle includes the Modular Landing Bay Core set of files.

Currently included:

  • Landing Bay Arch Doorway
  • Landing Bay Loading Door w/ Loading Door
  • Landing Bay Curved Corner
  • Landing Bay Expansion Piece 1 (Straight Wall)
  • Landing Bay Expansion Piece 2 (Alley Doorway)
  • Landing Bay Expansion Piece 3 (Varied Straight Section)
  • Landing Bay Expansion Piece 4 (varied Straight Section)
  • Landing Bay Endcaps
  • Landing Bay Inspectors Office

  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
great terrain and adds nice atmosphere to a table

Having upgraded my printer, I'm going through to re-print my original purchase.

I would love to see the widgets on the walls separate to allow them to be glued/placed in different configurations for more variety. The other addition I would love to see (in not only this kit but many) would be the version of pieces with and without battle damage.
Overall, I'm quite impressed with the design of these kits!

Thanks again,


Very Very Nice but not quite perfect...

They're beautiful pieces, they print great at 0.2mm and the entire thing looks epic! I'm especially in awe of the wide archway piece that prints without supports and came out flawless, I sat and waited for it to fail many hours into the print and even having seen it, I do not understand how you made my printer do that?! Amazing.

Some feedback -
- Of 4 straight walls, 2 have crates stuck noticeably far into the wall up close - from a distance they do look brilliant.
- The corner and end caps need a couple more varieties ideally, as does the big main curved wall which is a 4x repeat in the basic layout. It would also be great to have some large and small corners going the other way - everything is an outer corner so that limits the flexibility of what layouts you can make. (It matters because the wall tops all slope!).
- The 'T' section could be useful but it's a bit featureless as it comes. More detail please IT! :)
- Afraid I didn't like the collapsed wall ends, the collapsed sections look like splurged mud rather than rubble, and the shape of the collapses could be better. The detritus caught up in it is fun though.
- Alleyway door/wall - great piece, but I had to scale up the door by trial and error to get it to fit. There's only a couple mm all around to keep the door in place even when it's correctly sized.

But minor issues aside, this is great value for the price, everything printed perfectly without issues every time (Prusa Mk3S). Love it!

Matthew Dunn
Urban Flexability

These files have everything you need to produce a great addition to an urban map. Each piece is fantastically designed to look great and print very well. So often with STL files you can encounter issues during the print, not a single piece has issues. Most of all they can often be printed without supports which means no waste!!! The pieces are designed to look great with any sci-fi genre space game. The number of pieces for the cost is a fantastic bargain!

Nice selection of walls

If you are into landing pad for your table, well, THIS IS IT!

So many different walls combination and even has a small office!
A must have on your table

Great Product

Great product, easy to print on my Ender-3. Only thing that could be improved is more variation in corner parts.