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Complete Cantina Set by Jesús - Digital STL Files

Complete Cantina Set by Jesús - Digital STL Files

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This is the complete cantina set - combining the Circular Cantina and Cantina Expansion products into one bundle.  This complete set allows you to build dozens of of different cantina designs from the original circular cantina to massive ones, great for interior wargaming and rpgs. 

These designs are incredibly modular and allow for different configurations between games. Many options are available to print for Doors and Windows to change the "state" of the buildings. 


    • Roof Sections are swappable/interchangeable
    • Wall Sections are swappable/interchangeable

    File set includes:

    • 14x "quarter circle" Wall Sections
    • 16x "quarter circle" Roof Sections
    • 6x Straight Wall Sections
    • 3x Central Wall Sections
    • 11x Doors Variants
    • 9x Straight Roof Sections
    • 4x Central Roof Options
    • Several accessories including barrels, seats, tables, awnings etc. 
    • 19x Robot workers - we recommend using a resin printer and supports for the robot workers
        Change Log
        • V1.0 - Launch Files
        • .2 Layer Height or Smaller
        • 2 Perimeters
        • 5-10% Infill
        • No Supports or Rafts needed - Supports are built-in if needed

        100% of files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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