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Desert Dragon Skeleton by Jesús - Digital STL Files

Desert Dragon Skeleton by Jesús - Digital STL Files

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Are you building a desert style wargaming board and need some extra scatter terrain to give it a little spice? How about some giant Desert Dragon Skeletons to kick it up a notch! Designed to print support free and on your home 3d Printer, these are another set of awesome designs from Jesús Labiano. 

Now while your units are waiting around for their activation, they will have something cool to talk about.

  • V1.0 - Launch Files


  • .2 Layer Height or Smaller
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing. But...

I was going to give this a 4 star, but it becomes a 3 star because of another review I just noticed, from 2 years back (and it still hasn't been fixed).
The reason for my 3 instead of 4 which I had initially intended, is that the skeleton with raised spine come in four parts. Two of them were called Mirrored, as to print one of each and they would align nicely in the middle.
That is not so. If you print it as is, it won't align up on the table. It's not mirrored. It's just rotated 180 degrees. So that was a waste of time and material. To print correctly, you need to print the non-mirrored pieces once each. Then mirror them (for real this time) in the slicer and print again.
Otherwise it's an amazing set piece, but I couldn't let the file system slide. I would give it a 5 if not for the incorrect files and the two year old review.


Awesome files, very cool

Mitch Brown
Totally Worth It

If you're on the fence these are absolutley worth it.
The models are very well done and honestly look better when printed than the 3d renders. They're ready to print without adjustments. They make the game board look great and feel a lot more like a galaxy far far away than just having some random rocks. Great as a project to get into terrain painting as well. Would recommend, probably going to buy more stuff from them.


Great looking Centerpiece and very versatile in use! Quality and details are top notch!

A pretty neat skeleton

I think this is a pretty good file set. You get a lot of pieces for the price, and they look good.
There are a couple of minor flaws. On the "cave" style ribs, the angle of overhang where the ribs meet the spinal column is a little too much and ends up printing kind of ugly. It's acceptable and probably won't be seen, but I think it could be adjusted by either making the underside of the spine concave a bit, or moving the rib spine joint closer together. A similar overhang issue occurs on the "decayed" ribs. The smallest neck doesn't really match up with the size of the vertebra in the skull. Lastly, the file name system is a bit wonky. The set 01 has files that say body01 and body01 mirrored, and body02 and body02 mirrored. Except the X and X mirrored are actually two different pieces and not mirrored. In addition, only pieces 01 and 02, which are actually the same smaller piece, are actually mirrored. 01 mirrored and 02 mirrored are the same piece, but merely rotated and not mirrored. The set 01 kind of relies on the large piece being mirrored to line up correctly.
For the set 02 and 03, if you wanted to make a symmetrical ribcage, you would have to print double of the small body01 and body04 pieces, but then mirror body 02 and 03 and print them again. Not a big deal, but kind of a headache.