Garage Expansion for the Landing Bay - Digital STL File


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The Garage expansion was created based off its namesake, we have always wanted to have another premiere corner piece similar to the Inspectors Office. We liked the idea of a lot of flow, large doorways, and a large space on the roof for trooper units. The Roof Barriers are removable and provide nice replay-ability options to remove or add cover for units parked on the roof. 

How do you get on the roof?

Your units can use the included ramps, which you print and then glue the "Planks" on. They can use the ladder on one side of the garage from the outside, or the handholds right up the middle. Check the rulebook, handholds are in there. Ladder's can be printed out as well and used for the backside/ inside of the terrain pieces.

Included in the bundle:

  • Garage Corner Piece w/ Sliding Doors and Roof Barriers
    • 195mm x 195mm
  • Landing Bay Corner Variant 2 Vanilla
    • 175mm x 165mm
  • Landing Bay Corner Variant 2 Aged
    • 175mm x 165mm
  • Landing Bay Short Wall Variant 2 Vanilla with Barriers
    • 160mm x 50mm
  • Landing Bay Short Wall Variant 2 Aged with Barriers
    • 160mm x 50mm
  • Landing Bay Wall Ramps - Left and Right
    • 175mm x 50mm
  • Short Ladder
    • Tiny

    Printing Information:

    Recommend printing at ~.2 layer height for best detail, alternatively you can print near .3 layer height for faster speeds if you plan on hobbying it up well. 2x Wall Perimeters for durability, or even 1 for faster print time. I print these between 3-5% infill and they turn out great.

    Since I will hobby mine extensively with Filler Primer, a base coat, and spackle texture, I have experimented with single perimeter, .3 layer height prints for speed.

    No need to use supports! Some of the files have supports built in if they are needed, otherwise bridging should suffice. If you have hangers or stringers left over, trim them off with hobby knife or melt with a lighter/torch/heatgun.

    Miniatures not included.

    Disclaimer: Purchase of Digital Files are final and not returnable or refundable. Print times and filament usage will vary based on, but not limited to, individual printers, settings, tuning and/or environmental conditions.  


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