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Wasteland Scenics

Girder Bundle - Digital STL Files

Girder Bundle - Digital STL Files

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The Girder Bundle is a part of the SkrapLandz 3d printable modular terrain system.

SkrapLandz is a modular set of 3d printable terrain. Each STL is designed to be printed without supports on an FDM printer. Once these pieces are printed they can be slid together to create structures great for Line-of-sight blocking and/or scaling with your minis.

The Girder bundle includes 9 files and is designed as a post apocalyptic set with concrete, skrapmetal and rebar.

These 28mm scale terrain STLs are compatible with any post-war/apocalypse table, and you can scale them however you see fit.  Sizes range from ½” to 5 ¾” with height at 3” most of the time.

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