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Imperial Terrain

Landing Pad - Digital STL File

Landing Pad - Digital STL File

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The landing pad is a true center piece for your gaming table. At over 190mm tall, it blocks line of sight for the tallest vehicles and enables any units on top of it ranged dominance across the game board. You can print a single landing pad which consists of 3x pieces, all printable on a 200mm x 200mm print bed. Don't stop there however, if you notice in the large product photo you can print 4x Landing Pads, and it becomes truly an amazing piece.

Also available as part of the Imperial Base Builder

This bundle includes (Update Jul 2020):

  • Landing Pad Base (Tall Tower Thing)
  • Landing Pad "Top" (The big flat part)
  • Landing Pad Connector Rails
  • Landing Pad 100mm Center Extension
  • Accessory Pipes for Underneath
  • The Entire Original Version (Seen in Grey Render Pictures)


    • .20 or .24 Layer Height
    • 2 Perimeters
    • 5-10% Infill
    • No Supports or Rafts needed

    All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Brad Herrington
    Great File

    This was a great print, but I feel pretty ignorant. For the life of me I can't figure out where the 4 C shaped connectors fit. Any help?

    Vlastimil Musil
    Pretty cool stuff

    As a SW Legion player, I wanted a piece that adds the height to the terrain setup, while also bringing an interesting mission setting (hijack a shuttle, escape the planet, blow the ship up). This platform fits this nicely, I added custom rules for using the lift and the ladders make good place to try the climbing ruleset. The customization is nice as with a shuttle on top, the basic setup (2 towers, 2 pads) might be a bit small to move the minis around. After finishing this one I printed the SS-2 shuttle to go with the platform and overall I'm really happy with the result.
    The whole thing printed without any issues on the Prusa MK3, no supports needed, takes time due to its considerable size (the towers take like one day each). Needed to adjust the little cr90 connectors a bit as the gap seems to be way too small. Also a few images of the variants (and using the optional pad support) would be nice, but that's really just a minor.

    Amazing Terrain.

    I don't have a lot of experience with printing game terrain, but here is my review anyway.

    Printed on a Sindoh 3DWOX 1.
    The way the printer bed leveling works, I can't really level the bed good enough to print without using a raft on any of these. That is no fault of the design of the files, I'm going to try to make some more adjustments to see if I can get it to work out better for me. That being said, they printed excellent using a raft, if anyone wants to know.

    All in all It was a very good experience. I had no issues with the printing of the parts or fitting them together. For me the tower took about 19 hours, and the landing pad took about 12. I printed the expansion and other bits together and that took close to 9 hours.

    David P Stanley
    Awesome model with a small issue

    I had problems printing the horizontal lights/guns on the end of the platform. I tried multiple times and finally I had to literally watch while it printed to make sure they remained flat. I cranked up the heat on my printer head bed, too. Still didn't help. I'm using a Prusa i3 mk2/s.

    Other than that, this model is awesome. I didn't have problems like other folks with the ladder fitting into the pad opening. The support isn't necessary, but there is a place for it, contrary to other reviews. You can see this in an online review of this model if that helps.

    Overall, super happy with this - especially for the price!

    Mike Adolphs
    Great design, but could use tuning

    This landing pad is an eye-catcher on every gaming table, especially in it's 4x4 configuration. It looks and plays great, the rendered images here don't do it justice.

    A few observations from my 4x4 print run on an Ultimaker 3 Extended:
    *Printing with less than 50 to 60mm/s messed up the overhangs, 70 mm/s produced good results.
    *The landing pad top's hole turned out to be too narrow for the tower's stairs. I've had to cut a good chunk of material away to make it fit.
    * I have found that 8/2mm neodym magnet were a too tight fit. Went with 5/1mm instead and am happy about the results.
    * Same with the 90's components (the clamps). Super tight fit and needed a good bit of rasping to make them fit.
    * Unlike Jeff, I've had absolutely no issues with the antennas and landing lights on my Ultimaker.
    * Where do the Pad Supports go?! Absolutely no clue, and they're also not on the product image(s).

    All in all, I'm satisfied with the STLs and the printed models. A lot of thought went into this design, and the amount of work that needs to be done on it after printing is manageable.

    I also want to emphasize again what Jeff has said earlier:
    Any review of home-printed STL files can only be based on how well calibrated your printer is. The above observations aside, I think, Imperial Terrain would really benefit from a few more images other than their rendered graphics and from more precise product descriptions and instructions. But quality-wise, there's really not much to criticize here.