Syllogy's Temple - Digital STL File


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**This is a very large piece and requires 500 x 500 print volume. It can be cut up using your slicer to your specific print dimensions for most efficient printing.

Looking for a great centerpiece to your board? This literally is the center piece. Massive in size, and works well to help fill out your ancient ruins board, temple board, or even a place on a budding Yavin Massassi temple of old.

Disclaimer: Purchase of Digital Files are final and not returnable or refundable. Print times and filament usage will vary based on, but not limited to, individual printers, settings, tuning and/or environmental conditions. 


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  • What are the recommended settings for printing this temple? Layer height, infill, etc etc...

    I print at .2 layer height, 7-10% infill with 6 top layers, 2 bottoms, 2 perimeters.

  • Whats the diameter of the temple?