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200 x 200 Print Bed Compatible

The temple ruins are another foray into the Ancient Ruins theme of terrain pieces. Conceptually we wanted to represent ancient structures that have been inhabited by an army to use as a quick base. This set comes in many pieces so you can modularly craft ancient walls and the temple for an interesting board layout.

While the ruins may not look large, with the addition of the scatter terrain, they will cover a 3' x 3' game board easily. Providing excellent LOS break up, difficult terrain, and multiple access points to higher elevation for trooper units.

Included in the Temple Ruins Bundle:

  • 1x Standalone Temple
    • 120mm x 80mm x 165mm
  • 1x Temple with wall ends
    • 98mm x 160mm x 98mm
  • 1x 90 degree wall bend
    • 140mm x 125mm x 61mm
  • 1x Wall end with 2x sets of stairs
    • 150mm x 153mm x 61mm
  • 1x Temple with Altar
    • 2x Pieces - 125mm x 200mm x 140mm, 125mm x76mm x 54mm


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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