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Imperial Terrain

Vando's Train Bundle - Digital STL Files

Vando's Train Bundle - Digital STL Files

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Each of the train cars connects to each other in a similar fashion to how old school train cars connect, via a simple pin that drops down from the top. Designed to print with no rafts or supports. All files are scale neutral which allows you to scale them in your preferred slicer if you need them smaller or bigger. 

File Set Includes:

  • 1 x Modular Train Engine
  • 1 x Large Flatbed Car
  • 1 x Large Boxcar
  • 1 x Train Tracks set

We recommend gluing any train tracks down onto a base (simple MDF or the like) so that it is stable and you can move the train along the tracks during gameplay for a little added spice!  Scaled for 32mm +.

Looking for the 28mm version? Head on over HERE.

Change Log

  • V1.0 - Launch Files
  • .2 Layer Height or Smaller
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great file and Train Bundle!

Love this set, and I'm about to print a second! I do love the support-free nature of these files which makes for hassle free printing. Just saw the comments below from Caleb regarding printability, but sounds like this is more to do with the users printer rather than the files itself as mine printed perfectly. I'll be using these models for my games of Infinity!

One request - can you make a rail car with a tanker on it?? That would be ace!! :-)

Keep up the good work!!

Jake Witt
fantastic train

This has been an awesome print. I am working on a spice running narrative play of legion and this train was perfect for it. I have just finished printing it, and it turned out great, minus a few thing that happened while printing, ie me not being that great. I love a ton of the files on here, and this one is great. The support free nature of this one actually helped a ton.

Caleb Dudley
Looks good but is a difficult print

I've decided to write this after printing maybe 70% of the files.
I'll caveat that maybe all the problems are on my end. My printer isn't the best tuned in the world, but I think it's at an average level.

Criticisms: The support-free nature led to several quality issues for the train parts. There are a lot of bridges, fine details, and somewhat aggressive overhangs. In my experience, very fine details, such as small pipes and fins, don't print well. This is probably due to stuff like movement during printing, print speed, etc. This gets even worse when the small pipe for example, has to support itself instead of being attached along the stronger side. The engine has bundles of pipes or cords along the bottom and they printed very badly.

There were problems both ways with tolerances.
I feel like these prints would have been better served as being broken up into even more pieces to facilitate supportless printing with better quality, or designed with supports in mind.

Again, perhaps these are quality issues on my end, or just higher expectations.

Praise: The model itself looks very nice. It's very large, and I think it would play well. It's pretty cheap for the amount of print you get. I've enjoyed putting it together, problems aside.

Hey Caleb,
Great feedback, thank you for taking the time. These designs were quite tricky due to the level of detail we were trying to go for. What print speeds and layer height were you running at? Also what printer?


Michael Fox
The little Engine THATS HUGE

Ive been wanting a true scale train for my Legion and 40k games and this pack does that perfectly. The train engine is HUGE and the level of detail is just perfect. Its a great LOS blocking piece and has a ton of character to it. (For 40k I might scale it down a little(95-90%), but if you think how big real world trains are, it works. Its has presence on the table) Printed fine with no issues, granted its a marathon of printing cause like I said its BIG. So far I have only gotten the engine out but I'm starting on two flat cars this week.

Highly recommend you print with a birm on to keep the flat bottoms perfectly flat so assembly goes smoothly. Printed mine with 7% infill and its solid. Can't wait for more!