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Imperial Terrain

Vehicle Pack - Digital STL Files

Vehicle Pack - Digital STL Files

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These files are used to print out wargaming terrain for your gaming table. It is scaled for 32-34mm wargaming but can easily be scaled down to 28mm terrain using a slicer. 

Included in this bundle:

    • R47 Repulsor Lift Truck
    • R Landcraft Civilian Vehicle
    • Armoured Shuttle
    • Vando's Ship


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Easy to print

Great looking models, which are (obviously) carefully designed to be printed on FDM.

Michael Crossman
Excellent Models

All four of these models printed easily, the details are amazing, and the scale is spot on. My only complaints are with the Vando ship, the radar doesn't work for me and when I printed the ship I accidently printed the model that has one wing at a downward angle. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for vehicles for their Legion games, and look forward to getting more models from Imperial Terrain.

Steve Hersey
Well done, easy to print.

I've now built 2 of the four vehicles from this set; as seems to be the general case with lmperial Terrain printables, they are well designed and print beautifully.
I do have a few suggestions that may further improve the user experience:
- For complex models with many parts, include a PDF with an enlarged photo or an exploded view showing which parts go where in what orientation.
- For the Armored Shuttle, the STL files include a "repulsor pin" which 1) apparently should be printed 4x (no instructions, doesn't show in the photos) and 2) doesn't fit the holes in the bottom where I assume it should go. Minor stuff, really.
- Also for the Armored Shuttle, I think the comms dish might come out better if printed as a single piece facing up out of the build plate, in which case it would require supports. My printer produces a slightly rough inner dish surface when it is printed as the inside of an overhang. Support scars on the outside of the dish are probably a good tradeoff for a smoother inner surface, though the pointy bit in the center is probably too small to print well in that orientation.

Overall, these are well-thought-out designs and are a pleasure to print. They've even inspired me to get creative with the detail painting, which turns out to be more fun than I anticipated. (Now to find suitable Imperial-style lettering and unit logos...)

Warren Barnard
Great SWL scenic terrain

A nice set of vehicles to complement any SW Legion or other Scifi or Cyberpunk gaming table. I've printed the R47 Repulsior Lift Truck and R Landcraft civilian vehicle without any issue and they now provide interesting and cover terrain on my table. Gamer's build lovely tables with houses and buildings but generally forget to put civilian vehicles around them which adds to the flavour.

Yellow Sign Studio
Vehicle Pack

Successfully printed the Roadster and the Armored Shuttle of this four pack set, like everything else I have acquired from Imperial Terrain, anything that I have printed thus far was no fuss and no muss. Robo R1+ // Simplify3D // Materio3D or Buyapi PLA filaments. Suitable for Legion, SW RPG and a variety of other SciFi and Modern/Ultra-Modern table top games. The R Landcraft has a very Heavy Metal/SciFi Thug/Gangster feel to it. My printed copy was absconded with by my grandson when he invaded my little shop, it frequently flies it outside of it's ground hovering parameters. The Shuttle was printed for a friend's Star Wars RPG, I have yet to print replacement copies for myself. Too many files and not enough printers... :-(