Imperial Terrain

Sci Fi Dense City Terrain Bundle
Digital STL Files

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Disclaimer: Purchase of Digital Files are final and not returnable or refundable. Print times and filament usage will vary based on, but not limited to, individual printers, settings, tuning and/or environmental conditions.
Overall Dimensions

7 x 7 x 8.6 in
177.8 x 177.8 x 218.44 mm



Dense City designs allow for everything from a gritty sci-fi landscape to industrial complexes and military bases.  These designs are incredibly modular and allow for different configurations between games. Many options are available to print for Doors and Windows to change the "state" of the buildings. Ladders and Ramps make access to the Roof top level easy.  The building height meets the elevation rules for game play in a shattered galaxy as well.  


    • Roof prints are swappable between Small Office Versions
    • Roof prints are swappable between Double Wide and L Corner buildings
    • Foundation sections are swappable between Double Wide and L Corner building

    File set includes:

    • 1 x Small Office Version A (Foundation and Roof)
    • 1 x Small Office Version B (Foundation and Roof)
    • 1 x "Doublewide" Building (2x Foundations and 2x Roofs)
    • 1 x L Corner Building (3x Foundations and 3x Roofs)
    • 4x Large Window Files
    • 3x Small Door Files
    • 2x Medium Door Files
    • 3x Small Window Files
    • 4x Large Door Files
    • 2x FootBridge files to connect rooftops with Clip Edges
    • 1x Stack Level for Small Offices
        Change Log
        • V1.2 - Med Doors Added and Stack Level for Small Office
        • V1.1 - Footbridges added and Large Door Fixes
        • V1.0 - Launch Files
        • .2 Layer Height or Smaller
        • 2 Perimeters
        • 5-10% Infill
        • No Supports or Rafts needed - Supports are built-in if needed

        99% of files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed. Files with RAMP section may need more space (Ramp Foundation file is 202mm on one of its axis)

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